Stellar opening

The Thursday and Friday openings for Constellations of Women at Anderson Creative went very well.  I am pleased that some of the women artists from different regions got to meet each other.  I was also thrilled to be able to meet some of the Constellations contributors whom I had only met online before.

Both scheduled workshops are currently full, but we may add a third if there is interest.  In the 2-hour workshop, participants will create their own cyanotype prints and get to take a hexagon “star” with them.  We will also add some to the installation. The cost of the workshop is $10.  Contact Anderson Creative at  www.andersoncreativestudio.com if you are interested!

Here is another insightful review of the exhibition–Check it out!



The new installation of Constellations of Women installation opens to the public today, June 5, at Anderson Creative Gallery, for First Friday, in Canton, Ohio.  Anderson Creative is located at the corner of Cleveland and 4th Ave. Come and take a look at it!  This version is accompanied by work by 14 other women artists.  Participating artists include: Clare Murray Adams, Claudia Berlinski, Katherine Cox, Sabina Haque, Jody Hawk, Carrie Krochta, Staci Leech, Tiffany Marsh, Maria Samuelson, Claire Sherwood, Isin Sezer, Cigdem Slankard, Sandra Thouvenin and Jane Taylor.

Check out more details at http://www.andersoncreativestudio.com

Read a review of the show at snarkyart.blogspot.com

I will also be leading several workshops during the exhibit this month, if you would like to make your own Constellations “star”.  They are 2 hours each, and cost $10 per person.  Contact the gallery to sign up!

I’ll post more photos of the exhibit after the opening this evening.  Hope to see you at the gallery!

It was a surprise for Deb, Mandy’s Mom, when she saw the stars of her and her daughter.  Here they are together with their hexagons at We Gallery in Akron.

(photo taken by Kevin Pond)

I would like to thank the following people who participated or supported Constellations of Women during the last few years.  This project wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Doug Adams Shreyaa Nagajothi
Marian Adams Lynn Naugle
Earline Allen Aya Neilson
Deb Altimus Alex Nicholis
Holly Atkinson Su Nimon
Carol Barnaby Kim Oliver
Deb Black Phlea Oliver
Kelly Blanford-Bah Bonnie Paglialunga
Elise Breen Olivia Paglialunga
Emily Breen Penell Paglialunga
Carrie Brown Carol Patton
Danielle Brown Leah Petitti
Therese Brown Scot Philips
Tinamarie Buffington Eleanora Pitta
Carolyn Buzbee Mandy Pond
Na’Ja’Ree Campbell Gloria Pope
Debbie Carter Ed Pramuk
Joyce Carter Teresa J. Price
Todd Chapman Trew Raine
Courtney Colbert Dale Ritchey
Dona Consuelo Sarah Ritchey
Sally Cotrell Jon Roseman
Samantha Courson Debbie Romesberg
Peyton Crumpler Mary Sandilands
Annie Cui Avery Savage
Elly Dallas Gretchen Schrantz
Isabella DeBoer Michelle Schultz
Bailey Dubois Yuka Seko
Pat Dugan Isin Sezer
Sam Evers Renee Shaheen
Laurie Fife Harbert Christine Shearer
Dr. Janice Gallagher Nicole Sheets
Jesse Gardner Claire Sherwood
Jodie Garrison Jessica Shoemaker
Virginia Gemborys Cigdem Slankard
Jamie Grace-Duff Mark Slankard
Diane E. Gray Catherine Smith
Makenna Green Elizabeth Smith
Amanda Greenlee Georgina Smith
Sophia Hall Julia Smith
Sabina Haque Tesa Strasser
Madison Hart Linda Taffi
Pnina Hass Tina Teeling
Rashae Hastings Terri Williamson
Danny Heck Staci Leech
Dori Heck Sandi Thouvenin
Jaden Heck Perl Tipper
Lily Heck Ana Torres
Matthew Heck Shyanne Treherne
Quinton Heck Carmen Vargas
Jaqueline Holmes Emily Vigil
Cindy Ingham Eric Vigil
Annie Johnson Michele Waalkes
Jan Jordan Emma Wakser
Craig Joseph Yu-Chu Wang
Dr. Marie Keener Madeline Weaver
Myla Keller Carrie Williams
Taylor Kerr Hailey Wiskofske
Laura Kibler Alexa Yockey
Cindy King Catherine Young
Carol Kirkpatrick AGOG Teen Art Gallery
Emma Kramer Anderson Creative
Staci Leech Artful Living, Massillon
Jill Malusky ArtsinStark
Tiffany Marsh Massillon Art Explorers
Braden Massaro Massillon Museum
Ashanti McLeod Preschool children, Canton Montessori School
Hillary McMahan Southeast Community Center
Mervyn Medlycott Children at YMCA Afterschool Programs:
Kelly Meynard Lake Cable Elementary
Andi Michelson Amherst Elementary
Jennifer Moore Souder Elementary
Clare Murray Adams Strasser Elementary

Thank you, once again, to everyone who submitted images and writing for Constellations of Women! I am very excited to invite all of you to the debut opening of the Constellations of Women art installation at We Gallery, during Akron’s Art Walk, Saturday, May 1st, from 6-10pm.

We Gallery is located on 20 N. High Street in Akron, Ohio.  It is across the street and half a block over from the Akron Art Museum.  The gallery is open Tuesday  and Wednesday 12-4, and Thursday through Saturdays 12-8 p.m.  The exhibit will be on display May 1-30.

Did you mean to contribute to the project but get too busy to do so?  You haven’t missed your chance yet!  You can join me for a cyanotype workshop at We Gallery, Thursday, May 6th, from 6-8 p.m.  Register by calling We at 330.252.0988. The workshop costs $10 and you will get to take home your own mounted “star” hexagon.  We can even add yours to the wall!  The workshop size is limited, so register early!

The Constellations of Women community art project has been going on now for over a year, and I’m happy to say that over 75 people contributed images or tributes to women who have been important to them. I have really enjoyed learning about the friends, wives, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and heroes who have inspired you.  Thank you for sharing your stories with me.  I look forward to meeting you at the opening!

The Constellations of Women installation will be at Anderson Creative, in Canton, Ohio, next!  It will be a new, different arrangement of the art installation, and will be displayed along with artwork by 15 other women artists working in a variety of media. That show will be up from June 4-26th, opening at Canton’s First Friday 6-10 p.m.  June 4th. www.andersoncreativestudio.com
Constellations of Women was funded in part with a grant from ArtsinStark. http://www.artsinstark.com

I am steadily working on cutting hexagons, making prints, and mounting the prints for my installations in May and June.  I need your help to make this project work!  I am still missing about 80 images to reach my goal of 350 hexagons for the art installation.  You can help be a part of this unique project by emailing me an image and caption to go along with your image.


Share an image/writing that shares something about your life experience.

  • It could be an image of something you love (I’ve gotten images of shoes, dresses, people working on their hobbies/passions)
  • It could be an image of you as a child, or with someone close to you.
  • It could be of a place that is special to you.
  • It could be writing or an image that speaks to a challenge or experience you have dealt with or overcome.  I am happy to make contributed images anonymous if you let me know that you would like them to be listed that way.  There are many women’s issues that are tough to talk about —but it is still important to raise awareness about them!

Men and Women:

Send me an image (or a written tribute) to honor a woman who has been special in your life.

  • Likewise, it could be of something that she loves or loved (either her passion in life, or even perhaps words of wisdom she offered you)
  • Or a place or people special to her
  • Or a photo of her

Send them to:  constellationsofwomen@yahoo.com

or post them to my facebook page (Emily Ritchey Vigil)

or tag them in Flicker as “constellations of women” and email to let me know.

Thank you!!!

Thank you ArtsinStark

I’m very pleased to share that I have received a mini-grant from ArtsinStark, our county arts council, to help fund this project!  ArtsinStark is an instrumental force for the arts in the area, sponsoring many cultural events as well as monthly First Friday events in Canton, Ohio.  www.artsinstark.com

The grant is specifically for the exhibition at Anderson Creative Studio and Gallery in June, 2010, which will feature the Constellations of Women installation along with artwork by 15 other women artists from the surrounding area, the greater region, and as far away as Cardiff, Wales.  Here’s a link to Anderson Creative:


Thank you so much for the support!